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"Como Desarrollar Estrategias Exitosas de Entrada al Mercado de Estados Unidos" (presentación)

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How to Develop US Market Entry Strategy for Success”


Date: November 29 - 2011 (past)

Language: English


Raj Sardesh, Principal at ProductMilestones Inc, a Silicon Valley company that helps both large and small companies on international market entry strategy and operational plan for successful execution.

Ricardo Méndez: Moderator- ParqueSoft


This webinar: Despite general U.S. economy slowdown, the US IT market continues to grow. Taking advantage of opportunities in this market requires understanding of the larger U.S. IT market, which specific sectors are growing, and what it takes to succeed in those sectors. By understanding the pitfalls prior to U.S. market entry, the learning curve and the marketing and operational expenses can be reduced – Raj Sardesh will share his experiences on the following topics:

  • What are the key growing sectors in the U.S. IT market?
  • How to find and target the short terms and long terms business opportunities in the US market?
  • With a couple of case studies, we will help you answer the question -- Are you ready to enter the U.S. Market? We will go over the “U.S. Readiness Assessment” and discuss how to develop an entry strategy for the US market.
  • We will go over key steps for market entry for sales success


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